Alushi – One of the best Lebanese restaurant in Brighton

If you are in Brighton, UK and you wanted to try out some good food, here’s one of my favourites – Alushi, Brighton.

I had the opportunity to visit the restaurant once with one of my client from Green Lemon Company, Brighton and gave a try with the Chicken Wrap there. The food was absolutely great and fresh with lot of flavours that makes you visit again and again. In fact, i had visited the Alushi restaurant more than 3 times on the same week.

The Alushi restaurant is very close to the Brighton restaurant. It is in the Trafalgar Street.

Not just the wrap, they do have various varieties in the food and they tend to cook all the meats fresh. Don’t go by the size, it’s a small restaurant but a good one too. You can eat it in the restaurant or even take away.

The pricing is also reasonable and if you are one of those travellers or visiting Brighton and would like to try out some good Lebanese food, Alushi should definitely be in your list to visit.

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